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“Oasis for Healing” Showcase

Los Angeles, California

Six volunteer artists will guide creative workshops throughout the 2nd Annual “Oasis for Healing” event, in partnership with Veterans Park Conservancy, and will showcase the transformative power of healing through art. These workshops include photography, painting, sculpture, dance, music and more. All trauma survivors and their families are welcome to attend.

Wednesdays in the Garden

Los Angeles, California

Volunteer artists from Artists for Trauma’s artists’ network guide free, two hour creative workshops for veterans in the 1947 Women’s Rose Garden on the West Los Angeles VA campus, in cooperation with Veterans Park Conservancy and the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.

The Laura Project: “Re-Membered” Interpretations of Reconstruction

Santa Monica, CA

In 2008 Laura Sharpe was gravely injured in a helicopter crash on Catalina Island. Witness her remarkable journey of discovery and healing through her collaboration with six internationally acclaimed artists.
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