Art Imitating Life and Life Imitating Art

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Art Imitating Life and Life Imitating Art


I had several more epiphanies of heightened Awareness, like electric, magnetic jolts of connection with relevance, gratitude and recognition of many manifestations of serious Level 1 trauma that occurs in life, all around our world and on this planet we live.

Last month I saw the new James Bond film with my young teenage daughter, her first 007 film.  Unbeknownst to me, there is an extremely dramatic helicopter crash scene in the film.  Engrossed in the film, there appears a huge cinematic fiery helicopter crash scene, a version that so closely resembled the tragic helicopter crash that I and 5 others were in in May 2008; details down to the resemblance of the murky, foggy, grassy field, fiery explosion etc.

I, I watched…Aware, completely Aware…that I was clearly observing a near reenactment of a close-up, external vision of the 2008 helicopter crash.  All the while and taking deep, calming breaths and realizing that this is what our many men and women who return from war combat, as well as hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of other human beings who experience extraordinary, tragic, irreprehensible trauma, replay in their minds every time they see a similar scene on a movie or TV screen, in the news and even in their own dreams.  This is the reality of PTSD.

I also recently watched the new Tom Cruise film, “Jack Reacher”.   Very early into the film is a scene where multiple people are nonsensically shot and a scene in the film recognizes, gives shape, precious, intimate definition and personality to the lives lost in the shooting scene.  Prior to entering the theatre, while in a market check out line I saw the new cover of People magazine recognizing, giving shape and precious intimate definition and personality to the REAL LIVES lost in the Sandy Hook, Connecticut shootings. I immediately mentally disconnected from the film, made the connection and huge rolling tears of respect and recognition for the real, precious humans flooded my heart and Being.

Again!…manifestation of  Universe message represented through artistic format.  Respect, Love, Honor, Integrity for ourselves and others.  Cultivation of quality relationship with ourselves, loved ones AND  strangers is the connection.  Quality of life is all about quality of connection.  Lines.  Invisible, Connecting lines of the Universe. Lines of Love.  Lines of Relationship.  The Art of Loving.  The Art of Living.  The Art of Recovery.

Btw…did I mention that despite all these thoughts and seriously recognizing these entertainment scenes were recreated to relate reality…I enjoyed both of these films!

The goal of dealing with PTSD in all its levels of severity are to observe life in its many manifestos…even the ones that trigger memories of serious trauma…and move forward with reasonable functionality, minimal emotional interruption to your being and understanding in your heart mind.

Observe.  Breathe.

Observe.  Breathe.  Understand context.

Observe.  Breathe.  Move Forward.

Be gentle and Love yourself through the process.

If your reactions are so strong it is difficult to process and function…

Be gentle and Love yourself.  Tell someone.

Behave in a respectful way to yourself and others.

Write, Paint, Sing, Shout, Scream, Scratch, Draw, Dance, Sculpt…Let it out…BREATHE…it will lessen in severity and you will be tired.  Rest. Breathe.

Surround yourself with the power of positivity and possibilities.

Side step negativity at all costs.

Smile to yourself.

Re-Invent your opportunities.  Create.  Join Artists For Trauma