Board of Directors

Laura Sharpe

AFT Founder, Trauma Survivor, Artist

Aaron Baker

Adventure Athlete, Founder of C.O.R.E., Wings For Life Ambassador & Board Member

Christina Noonan

Real Estate Executive, Civic Leader, Philanthropist

Kimberly Rath

Human Resources Specialist, TalentPlus Chairman, Executive Management Consultant

Kirk Scott

Kirk Scott Consulting

Lisa Lee

Grade Level Advisor, National Charity League

Dr. Thomas Duncan

Surgeon, Ventura County Medical Center

Advisory Board

Corey Castillo

Ed.D. Organizational Leadership, Fitness and Personal Training Expert.

Brian Lovell

CEO, Red Games Co.

John Bauer

Founder, Mapwords, Inc.

Patrick Engers

CEO, Engers Family Management

Christopher Lent

CEO, Embody Health Solutions

Khe Lam

Sr. Cloud Solution Architect

Tim Moore

Senior Vice President, General Manager, Northern California Diversity Council Co-Lead
Youngs Market Company

Rami Frankl

President, Sherwood Media Company

Kent Seton

AFT Non Profit Attorney
Acting CEO and Founder, Edward Charles Foundation

Steve Sharpe

CEO, Sharpe Interior Systems Inc.

Support Team

Adam Bice

Adam Bice Creative
AFT Website Management

Katelyn Baker

Baker Active LLC
AFT Social Media Director

Wana Klasen

AFT Executive Director of Volunteer Artists

Melanie Gordon

AFT Executive Assistant

AFT Red Carpet Media Partner

Joe Williamson
The Williamson Agency