Corey began his career as a Personal Trainer, while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Movement & Sports Science. Within a few years, he fulfilled his first management role overseeing a group of 5 fitness professionals. When observing the reasons behind the collective success, and failures, that he, and his team, experienced, Corey began to better understand the dynamics behind organizational performance and leadership. With respect to the pillars of people, process, and product, Corey began to enhance his effectiveness as a leader around bringing them together for enhanced performance. He continued to study, and practice, the fundamentals of leadership, across various teams and arenas. Leading initiatives among hundreds of team members, across various markets, Corey further grew his skill set while pursuing a Doctorate (Ed.D.) Degree in Organizational Leadership. After successfully delivering upon over 20 large scale assignments within the Corporate Health & Fitness industry, and promoting over 30 manager-level team members into further senior roles, he transitioned his career to lead within Corporate Philanthropy, joining one of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations, in order to bring performance-based operations to community-oriented impact initiatives.

Leadership Philosophy

Corey believes that all organizations perform upon the fundamentals of people, process, and productand that the answers to many organizational opportunity areas are often simpler than most allow them to be. With this, Corey’s leadership style supports a concentrated degree of focus andstrategic influencearound orchestrating the power behind people, process, and productto deliver a valued experience to all stakeholder groups in a simple and sustainable fashion anchored in a high-performing team culture. Organizations will naturally decompose, as no group of people organically finds a congruent path towards an agreed-upon vision, if not for the intervention of effective leadership. It is leadership that accounts for the gaps between people and processes, then leverages strategic influence to guide a team on the journey towards a set mission. Throughout Corey’s career, his fundamental core values have been, and remain to be: trust, transparency, alignment, decisive action, accountability, and teamwork.


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