Laura Sharpe fought her way through four weeks in a coma, endured 43 broken bones, burns over more than 40 percent of her body, multiple skin grafts, the near-loss of an eye, and the partial amputation of her foot. For more than two years after her near-death experience, Sharpe endured endless physical pain and 40 – 60 weekly hours of medical treatment and therapies.
Focusing on the future, and feeling grateful for all the love and support she was blessed to receive, Laura Sharpe embarked on a journey of re-discovery through a personal engagement with the arts. From her work with esteemed artists in the areas of photography, film, dance, sculpture and music, Sharpe was able to rise above and beyond her pain and dramatically improve the quality of her recovery through the creative interaction between herself and the artists.
Sharpe’s first artistic exhibition entitled, The Laura Project: “Re-Membered” Interpretations of Reconstruction, was showcased at the renowned James Gray Gallery in Santa Monica in 2011. The event featured the emotional works of art created by Sharpe during her recovery.
Inspired by her physical and emotional transformation, Sharpe was compelled to help other trauma survivors find strength in their recovery, regain a sense of hope and see the beauty in life. In 2012 she founded a 501c3 non-profit, Artists for Trauma (AFT), creating a signature brand of empowering, interactive, adaptive art and entertainment venues based on her personal healing through art recovery experience. She has been blessed with a diverse range of personal and professional learning opportunities and feels lucky to be guided and mentored by many successful business people; some self-made, some highly educated, corporate executives, business owners and wonderful human beings.
In addition to being Board President of Artists For Trauma, she is also a Board Member for Healthcare Foundation for Ventura County, and a Board Trustee for The Riverside Art Museum and The Cheech


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