Belief is Everything

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Belief is Everything


After watching a screening of Dreamworks’ “Rise of the Guardians” at the Malibu Film Society, I was lucky to get a chance to speak with Producer Christina Steinberg after the film.  I was so inspired by the film and its message of keeping belief and dreams alive, for children and adults, that I sent a note to Christina with a message that I wanted to include on our blog.

In recovery from major physical trauma (Level 1 trauma…which is often disfiguring, disabling and requires re-invention and acceptance of a new self), BELIEF… it is everything, for an individual to believe in the power of positivity, of possibilities and be open to re-connect with this magical place…this creativity and its influence on the Spirit.  It generates JOY!

There truly is great healing power in discovery, wonderment and beholdment of the gift of the Universe and Its mystery.  The greatest healing power found through this process is love.  Love for Nature and the Universe, Dreaming, the Gift of Belief in overcoming and finding acceptance of the new self.  Embracement of who we are, for who we are, deep inside in our soul, our beliefs, our belief in our dreams and possibilities.  These feelings of confidence, joy, love and acceptance for self are related to everything connected with quality and integrity of life.

Being a Level 1 trauma survivor who incurred serious traumatic injuries and the first words spoken from coma were “Divine Intervention”I know first hand the power of positivity and believing.

Never giving up and moving forward without a finish line…knowing that EVERYTHING is directly connected to believing!

You, Peter Ramsey and the rest of your “Rise of the Guardians” team have made an impact, not only on children but also on adults.  Bridging a chasm between a child’s animated film to an absolutely stunning creative, poetic animated film of great integrity that any individual, child and adult alike can relate to the power of.

From the perspective of a parent, a mother, and an adult taking her child to an animated film…often times, I find it laborious to sit through an animated film; however, I was very impressed by the gorgeous detailed animated artistic poetry of Jack Frost and his frost, the stunning articulation of the Sandman and his magical sand as well as Fear and the dark ominous sand and presence.   Fear is as powerful as the positive attributes of one’s mind and emotional internal human content.  Fear is debilitating and deadly…literally.

Without human understanding and connection to wonderment, joy, fun, positivity, creativity…what is life worth living for?

We create our own positivity or negativity by what we believe.  These elements are crucial to a quality recovery from Level 1 trauma and any recovery from whatever challenge one is going through in life.