Artists for Trauma on the red carpet at the “Girl Rising” screening with G.W.E.N. and Million Mamas Movement

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Artists for Trauma on the red carpet at the “Girl Rising” screening with G.W.E.N. and Million Mamas Movement

Artists for Trauma shared the red carpet and celebrated the well-attended, successful screening of ‘Girl Rising’, facilitated by Tess Cacciatore of G.W.E.N. and Wendy Silvers of Million Mamas Movement.

Tess Cacciatore Co-Founder / COO of G.W.E.N., Laura Sharpe, Founder / Executive Director, Artists for Trauma, Wendy Silvers, Founder of Million Mamas Movement working together in the “Village” to raise Awareness and a Call to Action to provide opportunities for quality recovery from serious trauma through artistic engagement, education and community resources.

Laura and Betsey

Betsey Chasse, Filmmaker in AFT Artist Network also involved with ‘Girl Rising’ and G.W.E.N., with Laura Sharpe, Founder / Executive Director of Artists for Trauma


I see everything through the eyes and spirit of recovery from the serious traumas of life.

This film addresses the terrible trauma that occurs in our world and is specifically focused on the trauma affecting young girls around the globe.

Girl Rising’ is an artistic film interpretation of real life stories of sexual, economic and slavery trauma to nine young girls around the globe written by acclaimed writers and narrated by nine acclaimed actresses.

Serious man-made trauma occurs every day in the way mankind engages with each other through the active continuation of cultural traditions, perspectives, fantasies and horrors. Trauma cycles in life are repeated over and over by the way these various cultures and subcultures treat and educate children and adults in what is expected and acceptable behavior.

One has to ask, how could it be “ordinary” in some countries and cultures, including our own, that young girls and women continue to be discriminated against, abused, raped, sexualized and compartmentalized into a category of subservient people rather than building them up as leaders?

How could societal conditioning against girls continue today around the globe in this 21st century, resulting in manipulating vulnerabilities due to age, gender and economic challenges? Yes, this happens to boys too! One would think that 21st century society might be evolved to a higher operating standard, producing supportive opportunities that should be standard for boys and girls alike.

Visit G.W.E.N. and Million Mamas Movement’s websites for more information on their missions and platforms that bring healing opportunities for quality recovery to these young trauma survivors.

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