Holding you in our thoughts…

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Holding you in our thoughts…


It is Sunday evening, and I’m on a mother/daughter retreat far away from home, Los Angeles, and the United States.

From far away in another country, we learn of another act of unacceptable violence and the trauma it brings to the lives of the innocent.  I sit here with a heavy heart, but yet, my heart is filled with respect and recognition for the brave and courageous Santa Monica City and LA County first responders and the innocent citizens of Santa Monica, CA, violated and traumatized by this newest violent shooter.

Not even the mountains of Peru have been able to distract me from this reality and concern for my fellow man and trauma survivors.

All of us are once again reminded…

…“Trauma happens in an instant. It is unexpected, devastating and life altering. If we are not victims ourselves, many of us know someone who has experienced serious trauma.

Physical, emotional, and other life-altering trauma claims many victims and takes many forms:  a car crash – burning inferno – plane crash – accident on the job – gun shot – explosion – a catastrophic fall – an incident of war. Sometimes survivors don’t even remember the moment of impact and sometimes all they can remember is waking up in the hospital with their lives irrevocably changed. Disfigurement, disability and a long and difficult process of recovery are often results of trauma.”

With love, respect and compassionate hearts, AFT reaches out to the families of those killed and injured in recognition that there are not words or actions that can minimize the reality of violent death and terrorizing trauma.

AFT will continue to hold you close in our thoughts and pray for positive optimal recovery for those injured.  We will be here to assist in the process of recovery when you or they are ready.