Choose to be a positive solution…

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Choose to be a positive solution…


It seems that every morning, we wake up and see more and more evidence of trauma around us.

A plane crash in San Francisco, a police shooting in LA, a train explosion in Canada…it demonstrates so vividly how trauma can happen to anyone and anyone we know, at any time.  Trauma happens not just to those survivors who experience it but those who are the first responders and friends and families of the survivors, too.

This is not to be pessimistic or to foresee doom and gloom at every turn; it just shows how life throws up new challenges, obstacles, and emotions when we might least expect it.    We have a choice to be part of the positive solution, to be part of the supportive Village and to offer our care and love to those who need it.  Whether it’s lending an ear or teaching a new skill, the support of friends, family and strangers can make all the difference to someone’s recovery.

Artists for Trauma offers free artistic engagement to military and civilian trauma survivors to help them in their recovery.

Be a part of the Village on trauma survivors’ path to recovery.