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Sacred steps…

Melissa Skydive

“Sacred Steps” — a documentary filmed in high definition and photographed in stunning, character-revealing digital shots — reveals the beauty of the symbiotic state of growth and tenacity between humans and nature…always moving on, always evolving, ever ready to take the next step. For it is together, when in harmony, that both gain strength from one another. This 90-minute film honors the beauty of recovery in nature by engaging in outdoor sports and movement.

“Sacred Steps” is endorsed by Artists for Trauma as an ongoing project.

Artists for Trauma in partnership with NextStep Fitness applaud and support Melissa Allensworth and Linnea Arpon of NextStep Fitness for their courage, bravery and soul-expanding participation in the “Sacred Steps” project.

We embrace and thank Diana Marcketta, “Sacred Steps” filmmaker, director and artist in our AFT Village for her heart, professional excellence and inclusion in this “Sacred Steps” project in representing that there is great opportunity for quality recovery from trauma.

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All images on this post are copyrighted and used with permission from Diana Marcketta 2013