Artists for Trauma paints with Next Step Fitness

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Artists for Trauma paints with Next Step Fitness

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 We were so excited to paint together with Next Step Fitness members last week!  It was the first time we brought more of a hands-on creative approach to their members, and it was an incredible experience.  Laura Sharpe, founder of Artists for Trauma, demonstrated her own creative side and guided this informal session.  We played music by our artist friends, Luc & the Lovingtons, and each participant was allowed to create as many pieces of art as they liked.  At the end of the night, 30 artworks were created, using a huge variety of materials from Brillo pads to pinecones to stencils to stickers and, of course, paint, brushes and spray paint.  We even took some video of the night, which you can watch on Youtube!

It was wonderful to see everyone engaging together and building a sense of community.  A lot of feedback from the session talked about the “warm and friendly atmosphere” which is definitely due to Next Step members and staff who let us all create together for two hours later than we had planned!  What was most rewarding from the session was the number of participants who said that they most enjoyed the sense of “being free” through the creative process.

This is what we do at Artists for Trauma.  You’ll see on our website the tagline, Creativity… Connectivity…Community…, and we are so pleased that we were able to bring this to Next Step members this week.

We’ll be holding one more workshop this year with Next Step Fitness in November, and you’re all invited to attend!

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