Thank You to Girl Scout Troop #2168 for their Art Supply Drive

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Thank You to Girl Scout Troop #2168 for their Art Supply Drive

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Artists for Trauma is very grateful to the Junior Girl Scouts Troop  # 2168 of Tustin, California!  These young ladies organized an art supply drive to benefit the many military and civilian Student Artists in the Artists for Trauma programs.

On Saturday, December 14, 2013, Laura Sharpe attended their Art Supply Drive and Annual Holiday Bazaar and was greeted by hundreds of Girl Scouts who collected an incredible amount of art materials for  AFT.  The troop even had a special “Art Supply Drive” patch created!

Below is Laura’s thank you letter to the wonderful young ladies of Girl Scout Troop #2168. Please join AFT in thanking them for their hard work and leadership!


Dear Kaitlin and Junior Girl Scouts of Troop# 2168,

Artists for Trauma and I are so very grateful to all of you young ladies for your hearts of service displayed at last Saturday’s 2013 Holiday Bazaar and Art Supply Drive in Tustin, California.

The leadership you displayed in your well-thought out  planning, collecting and organizing of art supplies for Artists for Trauma’s healing through art services to veteran and civilian trauma survivors was outstanding!

Not only did you collect an amazing amount of art supplies for AFT but you designed and produced a fantastic Girl Scout patch for your fellow Girl Scouts to earn when they collect art supplies for needing individuals and non profit organizations.   Artists for Trauma is  honored to be the inspiration for this Art Supply Drive patch and part of the Girl Scout Bronze Award process.

Each and every one of you was a delight to work with on Saturday.   You worked so joyously and beautifully together with great attitude, team spirit and support for each other and as a troop!  You created an amazing result for your Bronze Award efforts.  Congratulations!

Your results were very impressive and Artists for Trauma thanks you so very much!   AFT will be counting all the art supplies you collected and will send you the list of inventory for your records.  Additionally, I forwarded several photos to Mrs. Lee of some of our trauma survivors (Student Artists) from the Artists for Trauma program working with donated art supplies just like yours at one of our recent special program locations.

We want you to see these wonderful people that AFT works with so that you can actually know some of those people whose lives you helped with the art supplies you collected. Those photos are just one example of the many wonderful people AFT creates empowering environments for in this healing through art process.  We will be forwarding you more information and photos of the different individuals and groups who will receive the art supplies you gathered.

You made a real, positive and healing difference in your community on Saturday.  Artists for Trauma is very proud to know and work with such fine young ladies.  You truly are great examples for leadership in your families and communities.

God Bless!
Laura Sharpe

Artists for Trauma