Sacred Sounds with Willkasara at NextStep Fitness

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Sacred Sounds with Willkasara at NextStep Fitness


Friday, February 7, 2014, in Lawndale, California…Artists for Trauma, in partnership with NextStep Fitness, shared ancient Incan tradition of manifesting Sacred Sound with the Peruvian artist group, Willkasara.

Wachan, Martika and Sriwarkenty of Willkasara split their time between Arizona, California, South America and wherever else the Universe calls them.  AFT was honoured to share the power of this ancient Incan tradition of beautiful, haunting yet healing music, and we encouraged attendees to bring their own drums or percussion instrument to join in.

Wachan and Martika made a short presentation on the sacred music of the Andes, followed by everyone joining in and participating in a drum circle.  They enlightened us by re-minding us that the first instrument of sacred sound we hear as human beings is the beating of our own hearts when we are born.

Willkasara’s divine music resonates with Love and Spirit and resonated deeply with all participants.  AFT thanks everyone for the wonderful feedback of appreciation and enjoyment of the Sacred Sound healing workshop.

We are in the post-production process and will soon share a brief video of this sacred experience so you may also benefit from their healing music!