Sew to Slow COVID 19

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Sew to Slow COVID 19

Artists For Trauma’s “Sew to Slow COVID19” was designed to support our first responders in the hospitals and communities during this critical life altering COVID19 health pandemic.

We are looking for fabric and sewing supply donations, cutters sewers, seamstresses and tailors to help make Medical Masks for hospital staff nationwide!


Follow social distancing guidelines while actively participating as community health partners to protect first responders, hospital staff and at risk individuals from the spread COVID19. TOGETHER, we can all make a significant impact.


We need YOU from the safety of your own home to help cut fabric, pin fabric to pattern and sew dense cotton face masks to our face mask pattern. We will pick them up safely, Masks for distribution locally and nationwide.


Like to sew? Want to help Sew to Slow COVID19?

You are personally going to make a big difference!

Thank you for all the hard work from:

Lilian Raven Clothing – AFT Artist & Volunteer
Karen Michelle Inc.
Destiny’s Candle
Love Your Body
Claudia Misceo – AFT team member & Volunteer
Deborah Kekone – AFT Graphics artist
Golden App