In Memoriam – Apryl Mechelle Brown

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In Memoriam – Apryl Mechelle Brown

“Apryl Mechelle Brown was an amazing beautiful lady, strong, powerful and so damn talented. She was a force to be reckoned with. She shared her story to support, motivate, inspire and uplift those around her. We will never forget her! I will never forget meeting her in 2013 at Next Step Fitness in Lawndale, painting and celebrating life with her, her participation with 17 other life altered trauma survivor models in the Artists For Trauma 2014 Fashion Show with Macy’s wearing her own fashion design that she personally sewed, reading her autobiography “More Than A Body”, being on the phone with her when she received the shipment of her graphite prosthetics to her front door, watching live ballet together, eating lunch with her the first day she used her prosthetic fork, celebrating women at a host table for the 2015 LAGLC “An Evening With Women”, receiving her selfie video working out at a gym along side able bodied people in a work out class, among many other wonderful memories!
She was a shining light, always upbeat, smiling, a book author, advocate, fashion designer, hair stylist, mother, friend, inspirational leader and so much more.
Jerry O’Brien and I could share so much more Apryl’s amazingness! Importantly we want to share how much we admired her, loved her, laughed and cried with her. Respected her direct communications when she called us out for disappointing her… always coming around to we love you Apryl. Our hearts are breaking at her early departure yet we know Apryl would be like, Stop with all these tears and celebrate the time we shared together. She is Home with God.

RIP Beautiful Friend.

God Bless.

Truly your friends,

Jerry O’Brien, Laura Sharpe and the entire Artists For Trauma Family