All People’s Community Center

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All People’s Community Center

Artists for Trauma supports a community of survivors, thrivers and difference makers through art and medical collaboration. We are proud to support All People’s Community Center in their mission to provide social services and programs that empower individuals and promote community respect and self determination for all.

They deliver a myriad of social and educational services and activities, such as:

  • Helping Children Succeed at Each Stage in their Development
  • Strengthening and Supporting Individuals and Families and Building Community
  • Preventing Violence and Crime, in the Community and in the Home
  • Addressing the Root Causes of Gang Involvement
  • Providing Job Training and Creating Job Opportunities
  • Helping Seniors stay Active and Engaged

You can follow along with all the amazing work they do!

Facebook: @AllPeoplesCC

Twitter: @AllPeoplesLA

Instagram: @AllPeoplesLA