AWARENOW – ‘Fellow Travelers’ by Laura Sharpe

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AWARENOW – ‘Fellow Travelers’ by Laura Sharpe


AWARENOW and Artists For Trauma are proud to introduce the inaugural column in AWARENOW, ‘Fellow Travelers’ by Laura Sharpe.

We honor and thank Corey and Christine Castillo for sharing their journey with our community.

“Trauma, tragedy and miracle are all part of the life process. They do not discriminate nor are they fairly distributed. Simultaneously they occur across all diverse cultures, countries, colors, ethnicities, genders, religious beliefs, and dimensions of time and thought on planet Earth.  

In this process of life, birth and re-birth; decay and destruction are integral to creating new life. 

 As fellow travelers, we are mindful, compassionate, and intentional through our attitude and actions to one another. We share our authentic personal story of survival or service to offer relatability, respect and hope to others who are navigating intense physical, mental and emotional life impact.

Uncomfortably or joyfully, we share the range of human emotions related to our personal trauma or miracle. In the end or the new beginning, we learn we are all fellow travelers.”